The first experience that a customer has at your business is going to be their drive into your parking lot. Potholes and aged surfaces can annoy drivers, damage vehicles and even cause accidents. Save money by repairing early!

Potholes – We mill out dilapidated asphalt and dump waste offsite. Then furnish and compact in place binder to the same area. Or a simple quick winter fix, installing cold mix.

Crack Filler – Mechanically clean all cracks & fill with hot pour rubberized material.

Sealcoating – Thoroughly clean and air sweep all asphalt surfaces to be sealcoated. Application will be applied by spray and hand-squeegee method; including all car stops, bollards, crosswalks, symbols, curbs and handicap spaces.

Striping – Layout and restripe all parking and handicap stalls as per original layout.

Your parking lot is an asset to your business and over time it will eventually deteriorate and need to be redone. Making mall pothole repairs and crack repairs to your asphalt will help greatly extend the life of your parking lot and save you money. We also offer Seal coating which is another step that you can take to extend the life of your parking lot’s surface. We can repair almost any surface including asphalt, pavement, concrete curbs and others.

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